Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book of Pendulums (Instant Download)

Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book of Pendulums (Instant Download)

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Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book of Pendulums (Instant Download)Pendulums are real magic. You will be as amazed as your audience.

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“The best book ever written on Pendulums. I recommend it without reservation to anyone who is serious about this type of work." - Bob Cassidy

"You can rest assured that when Dr. Bill gives you an idea or routine it is much more than just that. Bill attends to all of the details and subtleties that make an idea become a miracle in the right hands.

Bill fully understands how to push the envelope in a natural, real world way that takes effects and turns them into reputation makers you will use. Pendulums have been around for a long time; only a few have understood their power over an audience and still fewer have understood how to make them entertaining. Bill knows ... and now you will too."
 - Banachek

Pendulums are real magic. You will be as amazed as your audience. If you have never used a pendulum you will be thrilled. If you are familiar with pendulums you will discover wonderful new ideas, routines, and insights. Learn the real secrets to pendulums… Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book of Pendulums.


Have a pendulum held by a participant answer private, important, and personal questions in a ghostly, unique, and visual way.

Divine an audience member's PIN number, the names of loved ones and the location of lost or hidden objects using a pendulum.

Create remote animation with no threads, magnets, or gimmicks.

Make standard classic magic tricks stronger by using a pendulum.

Let’s examine exactly what you can expect in more detail…

In the pages of Trybil you will learn to control the movement of a pendulum while it is in the participant's hands. You can control the movement of one out of several pendulums using the Multi- Bob, which consists of 3-5 pendulums isolated and suspended from a rod.

The audience chooses which pendulum to move and its direction; it swings in the chosen direction while the others remain still! They select another pendulum and a new direction and it happens again!

You are nowhere near the participant and no magnets, thread or electronics are involved whatsoever.

There is nothing attached to the pendulum except the audience member! Completely examinable before and after BECAUSE IT IS NOT GIMMICKED IN ANY WAY!

The pendulum can be suspended from a stand several feet away; you still control it with nothing but the powers of your mind.

Seal one in a bottle, step back, and it still swings at your command. It looks impossible. This is as close to real psychic influence as it gets because it is real!

Pendulums can be used to enhance many effects in your repertoire. Use them with key bends, telekinesis, Question& Answer routines, Living& Dead tests and spirit contact. Create and control human pendulums using a routine direct from the stage show of Marc Salem!

Not done yet! The pendulum is ideal with suggestion and hypnotic effects. Inside Trybil you will receive an incredible lesson about this kind of work from Jerome Finley, a noted expert on the subject. The lesson culminates in a performance using pendulums to give your entire audience the experience of being touched by "angelic forces." Beautiful and awe inspiring.

Dr. Bill teaches step by step everything you need to know to perform like a pro with pendulums for one person or one thousand.

You'll learn suggestion and audience management techniques that will apply to everything you do for the rest of your career. Acquiring the collected knowledge in Trybil will transform your approach to mentalism and magic.

Marc Salem and Jerome Finley have already been mentioned as contributors; they are just the tip of the iceberg. The list reads like a who's who in mentalism and magic: Michael Weber, Kenton Knepper, Docc Hilford, Keith Barry, John Riggs, Andrew Gerard, Greg Arce, Tony Razzano, Brad Henderson and Mauricio Jaramillo are among those who share not only routines but years of their accumulated wisdom and experience with pendulums.

Buy Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book Of Pendulums and get ready to have your world rocked. You will never think about pendulums the same way again.

You've already read Bob Cassidy, the dean of modern mentalism, call it the best book ever written about pendulums. Here are some more raves:

“Trybil is jam-packed with the most wonderful ideas on pendulums and brings this ancient device into the 21st century!” - Jheff, Marketplace Of The Mind

"If you're into pendulums at all, then Trybil is a work you'll want to give a prominent place on your cyber-bookcase.

Not only has Dr. Bill reinvigorated The Multi-Bob Pendulum, he also includes a section focusing on the classic pendulum and his philosophy on its use.

Moving from theory to practice, the good doctor has gathered together a great variety of effects from some of the biggest names around. All this makes for a collection of pendulum ideas and routines to learn from, and more importantly, use." 
– Bruce Bernstein

“All in all it’s a remarkable tome and one I consider a modern classic – Trybil is in a league of its own and there certainly is nothing else like it out there…a much needed addition to the pendulum literature and sure to be a treasured resource for many years to come.” - Jerome Finley

“This information crosses the barrier between reality and invisible mystic forces at work. Powerful and in the right hands... real" - Andrew Gerard

Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book Of Pendulums is an instant download PDF, 148 pages long.


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