Jay Sankey - Secret Files(1-2)

Jay Sankey - Secret Files(1-2)

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Jay Sankey - Secret Files(1-2)

SANKEY'S SECRET FILES contain some of the best stuff Jay has EVER come up with!" - Matthew Field, Genii Video Reviewer

"A treasure chest of POWERFUL magic tricks you will ACTUALLY be doing after you learn them! What I don't understand is how anyone could keep these tricks to themself for over 15 years!!" -Acar Altinsel, Penguin Magic

The Effect
For years, there have been rumors that Jay's been keeping a "secret file" filled with astonishing routines he's never shared with another magician, and for once the rumors are TRUE! Now Jay has finally decided to "tip his mitt!"

Astounding effects with cards, paper matches, aspirin bottles, keys, notepads, coins, stickers, newspapers, sugar packets, handkerchiefs, matchboxes, flash paper and more!

Over 3 HOURS of innovative performances and detailed explanations of 25 devastating routines Jay has kept to himself for over fifteen years!!

What You Get


1. CARBON PAPER - A smoke staine tavels from one card to another!
2. WHAT IF - A shocking transformation of a page from a notepad!
3. STRONG MEDICINE - A killer 2-phase effect with a borrowed bill!
4. SELECTIVE MEMORY - Jay's all-time favorite "Four Ace" opener!
5. OUTSIDER - An eye-popping color changing deck routine!
6. BLACK MARKET - Mind control with a book of matches!
7. PENALTY BOX - A card vanishes from the card case under test conditions!
8. SWEET BREAD - A sugar packet and a bill change places in the spectator's hand!
9. 180 DEGREES - The "Triumph" routine that blows magicians away!
10. CHAMELEON - A matchbook changes into a selected card!
11. SENSATIONS - A ridiculously easy two key transposition!
12. SIGNED, SINGED & DELIVERED - You won't believe what Jay does with flash paper!


1. REMOTE CONTROL - Laypeople kiss their "free will" goodbye!
2. NOMAD - A tear visually JUMPS from one card to another!
3. X - The "Invisible Deck" handling all the pros will be doing!
4. FOUND MONEY - It looks like trick photography!
5. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL - Predict the hour a spectator was BORN!
6. TUNNEL VISION - A 4 card-4 coin routine with a difference!
7. FED EXCHANGE - An extremely "heavy" two card transposition!
8. THE WAVE LOAD - The "L'homme Masque" move for the 2nd Millenium!
9. DITTO - A very, very, very, sneaky "Do As I Do."
10. OVER THE COUNTER - Jay's hyper-practical floating aspirin routine!
11. SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION - A card ignites inside a sealed card case!
12. HEALER - The audience SEES a torn card HEAL itself!
13. CLASSIFIED - The "Newspaper Prediction" worth $ 25,000 in performing contracts!


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